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Welcome to CS 260 Spring 2009: Human-Centered Computing

Course Control Number: 26803

3 Credits. Three hours of lecture per week.



CS 260 is a graduate level course on research topics in Human Computer Interaction (HCI). This semester the theme is "Human-Centered Computing" and deals with theories that have informed HCI and IT system design.


  • The Project Proposal write-up is now due on Feb 23rd instead of Feb 16th.
  • The main page is editable; please sign up for what topics you would like to present
  • The class web site is up on 1/19/2009


Get readings and post your comments to the discussion page for lecture. (follow link from lecture title)

1/21/2009: Introduction [Slides ]

Assignments (due Jan 26): Create a Wiki Account

1/26/2009: Human Learning [Slides ][JFCs Slides ]

1/28/2009: Constructivism and Piaget [Slides ]

2/2/2009: Designing for Unschooled Users (Slides)

2/4/2009: Vygotsky and Learning [Slides ]

2/9/2009: Vygotsky: Genetic and Linguistic Theories

2/11/2009: Project Planning

2/16/2009: Presidents' day

2/18/2009: Project Planning

2/23/2009: Genetic Systems: from DNA to Facebook

2/25/2009: Activity Theory Intro. | Slides: [PPT] [PDF]

3/2/2009: Activity Theory in Action [Slides]

3/4/2009: Frames: Goffman

3/9/2009: Frames and Action: E.T. Hall| Slides: [PPT] [PDF]

3/11/2009: Speech Act Theory

3/16/2009: A Post-Rational Model of Behavior I [JFCs Slides ]

3/18/2009: A Post-Rational Model of Behavior II [JFCs Slides ]

3/23/2009: Spring Break

3/25/2009: Spring Break

3/30/2009: Communities of Practice

4/1/2009: Actor-Network Theory | Slides: [PPT] [PDF]

4/6/2009: Dramaturgy | Slides: [PPT] [PDF]

4/8/2009: Interactive Drama Slides: [PPT] [PDF]

4/13/2009: Psychology of Persuasion

4/15/2009: Self-Efficacy

4/20/2009: Motivation

4/22/2009: Persuasive Technology

4/27/2009: Symbolic Interactionism

4/29/2009: Ethnomethodology

5/4/2009: Ethnomethodology in Practice

5/6/2009: Revisiting the Post-Rational Model

5/11/2009: Wrap-up


Instructor: John Canny

Email : jfc(at)


  • Lectures: MW 10:00AM-11:30A, 310 SODA

Office Hours:

  • John: 637 Soda Hall, M 2-3, Tu 3-4

Textbook: Readings online


The majority of the homework in this class will be oriented around the project. Many of these homework assignments will be done in with your project group, but some assignments (or parts of assignments) must be completed individually. We provide a rough schedule of the assignments here (the schedule may change over the course of the semester and we may choose to add or drop assignments).

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To facilitate discussion we have created the [add comment] button that appears at the bottom of each page. Clicking on the button will allow you to add a comments, ideas or question to the current page. The comments will include your user name and the date in the section heading. Try adding a comment to the discussion page for a lecture.

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