NEWS: Paper accepted at the CSCW 2017 conference – Inquire – Large-Scale Early Insight Discovery for Qualitative Research. compressed_Inquire_camera

We are working to change the way computers sense human emotions. We want to do it in the wild, with non-invasive techniques to reach out millions of users and benefit broad populations. We aim to tap into the billions of smartphones and computer peripherals, the new wave of wearables and the upcoming massively adopted technology, such as autonomous vehicles, to make this change. We also hope to use the collective crowd intelligence and the never-ending growth of popular media content.

Our current focus is Stress, but not to attack it, but rather to make it our ally to conquer our potential. Humans need stress to thrive and be productive and reach their full potential. They also need to learn to “manage stress” to avoid injury or sickness.  The secret is to focus in “balance” and in obtaining long-term effects and live a fuller life. Our strategy to solve the long-term “stress management for the masses” problem is to re-purpose and augment technology that is cool (sticky) and has been already successful “in the wild”.

In this site we present three elements of this strategy: 1) “Sensor-less” Sensing – aims at taking advantage of already existing sensors embedded in off-the-shelf technology (such as PC peripherals, smartphones or wearables) rather than deploying new ones, 2) Mining Stress Management – aims at understanding why, when, where, who, what caused our stress and to learn what have “others like me” succesfully used to manage stress; and 3) “Intervention-less” Intervening – aims at using widely adopted apps and media mixed it with machine learning algorithms to recommend the best intervention at the best time.

Fiat Lux Interactive Urban Lights for Combining Positive Emotion and Efficiency

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