A practical examination of multimodal feedback and guidance signals for mobile touchscreen keyboards

Tim Paek, Keng-hao Chang, Itai Almog, Eric Badger, Tirthankar Sengupta
International conference on Human computer interaction with mobile devices and services (2010)


Mobile devices with touch capabilities often utilize touchscreen keyboards. However, due to the lack of tactile feedback, users often have to switch their focus of attention between the keyboard area, where they must locate and click the correct keys, and the text area, where they must verify the typed output. This can impair user experience and performance. In this paper, we examine multimodal feedback and guidance signals that keep users' focus of attention in the keyboard area but also provide the kind of information users would normally receive in the text area. We evaluated whether combinations of multimodal signals could improve typing performance in a controlled experiment. One combination reduced keystrokes-per-character by 8% and correction backspaces by 28%.