Weave: Scripting Cross-Device Wearable Interaction

Pei-yu (Peggy) Chi, Yang Li
ACM Human Factors in Computing Systems (2015)


We present Weave, a framework for developers to create cross-device wearable interaction by scripting. Weave provides a set of high-level APIs, based on JavaScript, for developers to easily distribute UI output and combine sensing events and user input across mobile and wearable devices. Weave allows developers to focus on their target interaction behaviors and manipulate devices regarding their capabilities and affordances, rather than low-level specifications. Weave also contributes an integrated authoring environment for developers to program and test cross-device behaviors, and when ready, deploy these behaviors to its runtime environment on users' ad-hoc network of devices. An evaluation of Weave with 12 participants on a range of tasks revealed that Weave significantly reduced the effort of developers for creating and iterating on cross-device interaction.