Past Life

My career has been made of many activities over time. I started working for my father as a consulting office clerk when I was 15 years old. I learned then the value of working hard, while using the latest technology at that time (an IBM PC II with Excel and Word).

My second economic activity happened after I came back from the USA after spending one year as a exchange student. I became a technical book translator for a German firm in my home city, Cuenca, in Ecuador. I learned the value of understanding very well content and translating it with high technical precision.

In parallel I developed a career as a musician, which helped me pay my first year in college. I played the keyboard and composed original music which got up in the local rock chart stations. I had to practice 4 nights a week and play Saturdays on regional tours. All this while doing my engineering degree.

Then, I decided it was important to create a company and become a young entrepreneur at age 22. I invested all my savings into a company that sold micro electronic discrete elements and provided telecom services. I had to hire many classmates and even a couple of my professors to take projects on a national scale, as the company thrived.

Hit by the worst recession in modern Ecuador history, I was left broke with only money to pay for my wife and I to survive. I appealed to my good academic credentials and got a Fulbright scholarship, which took me to Georgia Tech, where I got a dual masters degree, a MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering and an MBA.

Armed with these two new weapons, I worked in the US and then in Ecuador as a Product and Strategic Manager in Avaya and Telefonica respectively. Due to my very fast rise as a corporate manager, Intel offered me a very challenging job, to lead the wireless broadband market development efforts in South America. I worked from Sao Paulo, where I learned portuguese and how to do a good “churrasco”.

Due to a very strong personal motivation, I decided to trade my fast growing business career with the challenge to dust my engineer brain and pursue a PhD in one of the best universities in the world. You can know more about this fantastic journey in my Main Page.

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