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My other passion, MUSIC!! is my spiritual connection with my fellow musicians and my public.  Here is a list of my present and past musical activities and bands where I played.



Instrument: Bass Guitar
Styles: Funk and other highly rhytmic music
Members: This is a duet made of my brother Juan Carlos Paredes and myself
Composition: Our first composition is “Vitamina Funk”, which is a parody to those who need to take any kind of meds/pills and always forget to do so in time.

Grad School Rock Band – Positive Eigenvalues

Instrument: Bass Guitar
Styles: Rock, Blues, Punk, Brazilian Funk, Latin Rock, Latin Funk, Funk, Pop Ballad
Highlights: Playing along some of the biggest Computer Science researchers in the world!! Participating of three visit-day concerts, Computer Graduate Student Association parties and several other private events.
Members: David Culler, Michael Jordan, Christos Papadimitriou, Ben Recht, Aminy Ostfeld, Rebecca Pottenger, Emmeline Kao, Patrick Li.
Former Members: Dino Bellugi, Tomas Nora, Erin Summers.

Professional Rock Band - Arkana

Instrument: Keyboards and main composer
Styles: Latin Rock and Pop
Highlights: Our song “Pensar” got to be second in the local popular charts (just behind Bon Jovi’s “You give love a bad name”).
Members: Javier Ordonez, Pablo Marin, Martin Cobos, Sebastian Landivar, Miguel Jerves
Rock Nativo (CD 1999)
Pensar (pop ballad), Paredes & Ordonez
Hombre de la Luna (symphonic latin rock), Paredes
Nada de Color (latin rock), Ordonez
Lagrimas de Ciudad (latin rock), Paredes

Jazz - Trio Fusion

Instrument: Bass Guitar
Styles: Jazz, Latin Jazz
Highlights: Played with my beloved brother in several venues.
Members: Juan Carlos Paredes, Luis Arindia

High School Rock Band

Instrument: Bass Guitar and Keyboards
Styles: Latin Rock, Rock, Latin Pop, Metal
Highlights: Winner of the high school rock band championship for tow occasions. Finding time to work with my dad in his small company and competing in the track and field high school team (triple jump)
Members: Fabian Bustamante, William Criollo, Folo Jara

Early Years – Conservatory

Instrument: Piano
Styles: Classical and Popular Music
Highlights: Completed 9 years of study, while studying a two period (morning and afternoon) very demanding high school (and completing it as valedictorian).

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