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Temporary employment can provide a big boost to unemployed workers. It may not be your full-time dream job, but temp agency jobs provide advantages that many unemployed workers overlook.

With temp employment, you work at different places for a short time. Some temp agency jobs last a few weeks; others last a few months. Temporary job agencies start by assessing your skills. Usually, you have to take some basic tests so that the agency can measure your proficiency in computer skills, typing, filing, spelling, and math. After that, they can start sending you to different companies. More than 2 million temporary employees head off to work every day!

If you're one of the millions of unemployed workers out there, here are 6 reasons to consider temp employment:

1. Temp agency jobs are a great way to spice up your resume. Being unemployed leaves too many people with stagnant resumes. Many unemployed workers bide their time until they can get a new job. However, with temp agency jobs, you can get experience in several different areas while you apply for full-time work.

2. Temp employment is a great way to get your foot in the door. According to various studies, 75% of people who do temp employment wind up getting a full-time job offer out of it. In a competitive job market, working as a temp can showcase your skills and set you ahead of the pack when a full-time job opens up.

3. Temp agency jobs give you a paycheck while you look for permanent work. Thanks to the 2010 unemployment extension, temp employment doesn't reduce unemployment benefits for workers who are in their second benefit year. Before, all temp work was considered "partial unemployment", meaning that taking a temp job could lead to a reduction in your unemployment checks.

4. Many temp agency jobs offer benefits that are normally reserved for full-time workers. Plenty of temporary job agencies offer their employees paid holidays, health insurance, and even 401K plans.

5. Temp employment can help your mental health. Many fall victim to feelings of worthlessness and depression. But, if you have a job to get up and go to every day, you're going to feel like a contributing member of society, even if it isn't a full-time job. An emotional boost like that can make being unemployed much easier.

6. Temp agency jobs can help you figure out if changing careers is the right move. With temp employment, you get a taste of different jobs - without actually plunging head-first into a whole new industry. With temp agency jobs, you can see if another industry is right for you. If it's not, you've only lost a few weeks, instead of years. 紹介予定派遣 40代

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